A Post About Why I Haven’t Been Posting

Although most people have probably not noticed the lack of new posts, I have received a few notes asking when I’m going to post next.  It has after all, been 8 months.  I… Continue reading

A Farewell To Alaska

I left Alaska 6 months ago.  Hard to believe.  It doesn’t feel that long.  I was so ready to leave.  And I certainly have no interest in living there again.  Visit, yes, but… Continue reading

New Adventures

Life changes.  A seeming constant in my life the last few years.  Good and bad. After my job in Alaska was eliminated in September, I was able to enjoy an extended period of… Continue reading

El valle de Intag y Laguna Cuicocha

My final big Ecuador adventure.  I was invited along on a 2 night teip to visit Veronica’s family in the Intag valley, a rural and traditional area.  I drag myself out and make… Continue reading

An Otavalo life

Ten days in and around Otavalo. Strong indigenous culture. Best market in South America. My challenge here will be in wanting to buy everything. I am typically not a ‘shopper’ but I think… Continue reading

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