An Idiot Arrives In Bogota…

Visiting other countries is amazing.  The process of getting TO them is not, as any traveler knows. Warning – dumb choices ahead.  Please don’t tell my mother. Tired, bleary-eyed, vaguely delirious, I make… Continue reading

The Terribly True Story Of How I Almost Died In Colombia

From the moment I stepped off the plane at midnight, I knew something was wrong.  Something undefinable.  Something just out of touch.  But something just, very wrong. The look on the face of… Continue reading

Searching For Stillness By The Light Of Environmental Rage

Dinosaur National Monument, Colorado and Utah, October 1998 I’m utterly alone.  The nearest person is probably miles away.  On a high point, looking around at rocks, river, sagebrush, and cottonwoods, I realize how… Continue reading

Adventures Of The Massage Kind

An afternoon run followed by dinner.  After dinner, restless, I walk back to the “town” of Sabang Beach to explore.  It’s an entirely different world from our quiet beach just minutes away.  Girlie… Continue reading

It Wasn’t Supposed To End This Way

I am in line to buy some amazing steamed buns from a street vendor when I make my discovery.  My little change purse is gone.  Looking like an insane idiot on the sidewalk,I… Continue reading

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