Yellowstone in the fall

I apologize for the long delay in posting!  It has been an interesting couple of months, and I haven’t had a lot of time or energy to post.

Yellowstone National Park is one of the most spectacular landscapes on the planet.  My friends know that it is my absolute favorite place.  Yes, I’ve been to multiple countries, and all over the US.  Yes, I adore the deserts of the Colorado Plateau.  But ultimately, Yellowstone continues to blow my mind.  So when I finished work  in Alaska last September I immediately flew to Salt Lake City and rented a car to drive to Yellowstone.  This was my first trip there in the fall, so I was very excited!  I was pleasantly surprised to experience unseasonably warm weather.  I spent 7 days in the park, sleeping in the campgrounds, driving around for photo and video opportunities, and hiking.

While I love to share the wonders of Yellowstone with others, the opportunity to experience it alone is marvelous for me, as I can experience it on my own terms.  Rise before dawn, rush to an area or site I picked out the previous day and shoot the early light.  After breakfast, head out for a day hike.  As the sun gets low in the sky I make sure I’m in a place that should provide nice photos.  Then, dinner in the dark.  Hang out in camp reading for a couple of hours, then bed.  Lather, rinse, repeat the next day.

Not much to tell in terms of stories, so I’ll just share some of the photo and video highlights.

Seriously, how can you be in a bad mood when you are standing in front of a geyser that's spraying 30 feet into the air????

I hadn’t been back to the Mammoth Hot Springs area since 2002 so I was very excited to spend some time here.  I was disappointed though at how the terraces look.  The flow of water has changed significantly over the years, and it’s nowhere near as beautiful as it was in past visits.  Beautiful of course, just not quite as stunning.

Mammoth Hot Springs. When I worked in Yellowstone summer 1997, this was the view from my dorm room window. Not bad!

When the water is flowing at Mammoth, the colors are absolutely spectacular.

Orange Spring Mound, Mammoth Hot Springs

After Mammoth I spent some time in the northern range of the park, including time in the Lamar Valley.

Loved this tree! Marvelous.

The fall colors were perfect!

In all my time in Yellowstone I had never seen such a big herd as this. Probably 300 animals. Absolutely spectacular.

Yeah for pronghorn! Always fun to see.

Between working there summer 1997 and multiple trips back, I’ve probably spent close to 5 months in Yellowstone.  And as always, I’m eagerly awaiting my next trip be there.  When I’ve been a REALLY good boy, maybe I’ll even get to work there again.

I leave you with this, a message from a friendly buffalo.

Coming in soon in my next posts – Grand Teton, Park City, 5 weeks in Ecuador, southern Utah, Death Valley.