Grand Teton National Park & Park City

I drive through Grand Teton National Park every time I go to Yellowstone, but I had never spent more than a few hours there.  Truthfully it has never “grabbed” me like other places do.  In September ’11 after my week in Yellowstone I decided to spend a night in Grand Teton.  On this trip, I started to understand the appeal – a little bit.  The fall foliage was at perfect peak, the park was relatively empty, and the weather was perfect.


Unfortunately this perfect scene was marred somewhat by a nearby forest fire, creating a lot of haze.

Leaving Grand Teton after one night, I made my way back to Salt Lake City through northern Utah.

I waited 20 minutes for this cloud to hit the right spot!

Met up with my good friend Sukki in Salt Lake City and Park City, who was in town for business.  Several nights filled with good company, good food, and fueled with just a bit of alcohol!

SLC at sunset. I was pleasantly surprised to find that I liked this city. Very liveable. Not sure I could deal with the conservative politics though.

I always have an amazing time with Sukki & wish we could see each other more often.

Mini-golf at Canyons Resort, Park City. Unfortunately she completely spanked me!

Someday I WILL work here! Canyons Resort, Park City.

We went for a hike at Canyons resort. Downhill mountain biking is quite popular there. I was itching for a bike...

After a mentally exhausting season in Alaska, I was feeling refreshed after my time in Yellowstone, Grand Teton, Salt Lake City, and Park City.  It energized me to continue my several months leave from work.

Oh my!  Could I really be leaving for ECUADOR?????  WOO HOO!!!

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Next up, Ecuador.