Fur Rendezvous Festival

I know I’m in the middle of posting about my Ecuador trip, but since there’s actually something happening in Anchorage right now – the “Fur Rondy” – I figured this was an appropriate interruption.

Snowy, 20 degree weather – perfect weather for a festival, right?

On Friday the District Manager was nice enough to close the office for an hour so that we could walk as a group to the carnival, ride a couple of rides, and enjoy funnel cake.  I’m not normally into carnival rides (MUCH prefer roller coasters), but experiencing a carnival ride in the winter was definitely worth it!

Anyone who knows me knows that I'm terrified of Ferris Wheels, even though I'll happily ride any roller coaster on the planet. But in the interest of team-building, I went. This one was small and slow enough to be nothing more than boring...

A little bit more my speed. Three of my co-workers were screaming. I was simply laughing.

Saturday brought day 2 of the World Championship Dog Sled Races.  I was impressed to see mushers from Michigan, Canada, and even Germany.  A few thousand people lined the streets to watch the start.

Yeah, the dogs DEFINITELY hate pulling sleds!

It was a little loud at the start with over 100 dogs barking and howling!

We then checked on the progress of the snow carving competition.

Not your average snowman...

On Friday, when we saw the drawing of the proposed carving, none of us thought they could pull this off. A walrus and polar bear playing grand piano. But even unfinished, this is impressive!

More events to come throughout the week, with the biggest action next Saturday and Sunday.  The Iditarod starts on Saturday, which apparently means a massive party in downtown Anchorage.