Resurrection Bay

How could anyone ever get tired of seeing whales?  I’ve been on a number of whale watching boat cruises and kayaked with them for days.  It never gets old.  Resurrection Bay, at Seward Alaska, is home to Minke & Humpback whales.  In addition, it’s home to Dall’s porpoises and Orcas (a dolphin, not a whale).  And in April & May, 20,000 Northern Pacific Grey Whales make their way past the bay in the Gulf of Alaska to their summer feeding grounds off the coast of Russia.

Although tours don’t usually start until April, one of the tour boat companies ran a few special late-winter tours of Resurrection Bay.  Because I enjoyed my tour so much last year, of course I had to go!

Seward is a spectacular 2.5 hour drive from Anchorage.  Right outside of Anchorage is Potter Marsh, then for many miles the highway hugs a tight space between the Chugach mountains and Turnagain Arm of Cook Inlet.  Even when the drive turns away from the ocean, it’s still a mountain wonderland.

Early morning light on Turnagain Arm, outside of Anchorage. As I prepare to leave Anchorage for my season in Denali, I regret not taking more drives down this road.

Turnagain Arm is full of ice in the winter, but the melt in the spring is impressively quick. In about a month it goes from solid ice to ice-free.

Although Seward's setting is spectacular, the town itself is not very attractive. This scene grabbed me though.

Pretty pictures are fine and all, but ultimately what we want to see is amazing wildlife!  Here’s a quick (1 minute) summary of the trip.  We were lucky enough to see Orcas feeding for about 10 minutes.  The Stellar Sea Lions are always in residence in the bay, but I never get tired of seeing them.  And it’s always impressive to see the crazy terrain the mountain goats live in.  For those wondering, the number one cause of death for these creatures is indeed gravity!

On April 21 I returned to Seward with a co-worker and my new friend Carla.  Although the weather was classic coastal Alaska – rainy and COLD, the tour was fantastic.  Thousands of migratory birds have begun to arrive, we saw the sea lions again, and best of all, we saw the grey whales several times, and from a pretty close distance.  It may seem silly, but the three of us were pretty excited to see several sea otters as well.

With my co-worker, Holly. We're starting a new tradition - 2 years in a row now of whale watching.

I was so happy that Carla could come along on this adventure!

I apologize that the video is not as stable as I would like, but the seas were rather rough!

Thanks for joining me on this adventure!  Tell me what you think, below!