Glacier Bay National Park

This post is a little different from others.  Not much in the way of nature.  After our hotel opened on May 18, the company sent me to Glacier Bay National Park to open our lodge in that park.  Unfortunately, I really didn’t have any time to explore. I woke at 4am to get to the airport, took 3 flights (within 1 state!) arrived at noon, worked 5 hours, worked 13 hours the next 2 days, and left Saturday morning.  Unfortunately, I was too exhausted to do much else.

I did get out for 2 very short walks though.

Glacier Bay is a temperate rainforest.  Rainforest + coastal Alaska = cold and wet but beautiful.

These tree carvings are traditional for coastal natives. The Park Service gives them the very PC name “Culturally Modified Tree.” WHAT?

Part of my task on the trip was to get images of employees at work, for the recruiting video I will create this summer.  Here’s a few.

Even though I didn’t get to see any tidewater glaciers (BUMMER!), the view from the lodge is still pretty nice.

The night before I left was the season-opening reception for the hotel.  The Gustavus locals are invited out for a big party with food, drink, music, and a 1 hour boat tour.

Dancers from the Huna Totem – the local native group – opened the reception with songs and dances.

For those wondering what dancing and singing by the Huna people looks like, here you go.

As always, thanks for tuning in!  Next up – flightseeing Denali.