You want animals? Yeah, we got that.

We all like cool wildlife photos, right? I really wish I could take credit for this one! One of my employees caught it.

It’s been raining a lot here for the past 5 weeks or so.  A LOT.  All that rain that you are missing in the lower 48 states?  Sorry, we took it.  And it doesn’t appear we’ll be giving it back anytime soon.

Thankfully it was beautiful earlier in the season!

In June I did several of my usual drives down the Denali Highway.  It’s beautiful and accessible, so why not?  With amazing scenes being commonplace, it’s a great place to spend a few hours slow driving.

It’s amazing how quick everything changes up here.  In early June everything was brown, with lots of snow and ice.  Two weeks later it was green and lush with much less snow left over.

In most places, scenery like this would automatically qualify for National Park status. In Alaska, it’s just yet another spot on a dirt road.

Bus rides into the park can be hit or miss.  Sometimes the amount of wildlife is simply staggering, other times less so.  On this trip in late June the wildlife viewing was disappointing – not much, and what we did see was far away – but I still always enjoy the ride.  The scenery is beautiful, and our bus drivers have an incredible amount of knowledge.  Plus, how can you complain about spending the day in Denali National Park?

One of the beautiful things about being here is that it’s easy to become almost blase about wildlife viewing.  “Oh, the grizzly bear sow and her two cubs were 200 yards away?  That FAR?”

50 second video – a few moose sightings, and two grizzly sows with 2 new cubs each.

And of course, more driving trips on the Denali Hwy.

While the park is beautiful and I appreciate the value of the restricted travel, I love the freedom of being able to drive this road on my own, whenever I wish.

I have continued the popular “photo safari” employee activities. We drove 50 miles down the road one evening in search of wildflowers and great views of glaciated peaks.

The stormy, cloudy weather we’ve been experiencing hasn’t always made for great (or even good) photography. Lots of flat grey light has been the dominant theme. But occasionally the light gets nice.

Warming up in the batter’s box for the next entry – more wildlife (!), Kevin goes camping, & summiting a peak in the Alaska Range at night.