The Most Beautiful Place In The World

Hooray for fall colors in Denali!

The shot is a bit blurry, but still appropriate somehow.  I felt this was my appropriate response for a beautiful scene.  It’s probably not as exciting as the two women who were doing cartwheels at the top though.

If you’ve been reading this blog, or you know me personally, you know that I’m not always psyched about living in Alaska.  For a number of reasons, I find it frustrating.  But, for about 3 weeks, I love every minute of life here.  My job is challenging but not overwhelming, the end of the season is quickly approaching, and it’s UNFREAKINGBELIEVABLY BEAUTIFUL!!!!

I truly believe that during the fall colors season (starting in late August), this is the most amazing landscape on the planet.  The colors are so brilliant and varied they almost don’t seem real.

But enough talk.  Sometimes it’s just better to shut up and show some pictures.

Yes, the lichen really was that bright. This rock caught my eye from a long distance.

And since I haven’t shared animal photos in the last few posts, I’ll leave you with a couple of bears.

If you feel I’ve posted too much recently, don’t worry.  My job is about to get crazy again as we go through closing.  As I write this we close in 10 days, which means I’ll be lucky to get one day off in the next 3 weeks.  Which means of course, less time for these shenanigans.

Thanks for checking out my pictures.  Tell me what you think!