The Most Beautiful Drive In The World

Goodbye to the Yukon, and hello to British Columbia.  Incredible skies in the Yukon unfortunately couldn’t hold out forever.  Upon entrance to British Columbia, I was greeted with this.

Kinda fits our stereotypical image of BC, doesn’t it?

Beautiful in it’s own way, but I certainly wasn’t complaining when the skies cleared up and the sun made its appearance!  After some crappy roadhouse motels in the Yukon, I decided it was time to treat myself to a real hotel.  Destination – Prince George, BC.   A huge thank you to the visitor center – when I explained my plight, the staff directed me to the Coast Inn of the North.  I stayed within my employer’s travel allowance, and enjoyed a great hotel with (big sigh) clean sheets, a marvelous bed, and hot tub.  A fantastic 7 mile run around the city and I was happy.  A real meal at a Indian restaurant, instead of just greasy spoon options and I was delighted. Aren’t simple things beautiful?

But enough about that.  The next morning I continued south and east, to Mt. Robson park, and Jasper & Banff National Parks.     How about some pretty pictures?

Beautiful red barn with a view of a glaciated peak. Not a bad place.

This must be the most perfectly placed park entrance sign anywhere.

Before entering Jasper National Park, I read that Highway 93 “Icefields Parkway” through Jasper and Banff National Parks was considered the most beautiful drive in the world.  I’ve been on a number of beautiful drives and figured it was just more hyperbole from an over-active marketing department.

I was wrong.

The Icefields Parkway is very likely the most beautiful drive in the world.

Just another gorgeous waterfall in Jasper National Park.

Every corner of this highway brought more “WOW” moments!

Jasper is insanely beautiful.  Whether you are a backcountry hiker, or just want to sit on the deck of a lodge and enjoy the scenery, the park will blow you away.  How sad that I was only able to spend 5 hours driving through it, instead of, say, 5 days.  I am committed to returning one day for an extended trip, hopefully with some backpacking involved.  Sandy M. – you just got volunteered!

Leaving Banff and heading further south, more beautiful scenery…

Just under 2 weeks ago I settled in my new home at Togwotee Mountain Lodge.  Sixteen miles away is Grand Teton National Park.  The south entrance to Yellowstone is 1 hour away, Jackson is just under an hour.  And while I haven’t explored in that direction yet, the Wind River Range is about an hour east.

The fall colors just peaked, which means I’m now on week 6 of fall colors.  Six weeks!

I could get used to this.