I thought I was done with posts from Wyoming / Togwotee.  But quite happily I was able to get out for a short dogsledding tour this afternoon.    Shivani, one of the mushers, offered to  take me for a quick ride, since I’m leaving in the morning.  I hadn’t been on a dog sled since I was 10 and had forgotten how much fun it was!

Normally I agonize over posts for days, editing the photos just so, stressing over my writing, and generally being neurotic about something that doesn’t matter much in the end.  So this is a big growth post for me – a few quick edits, a few thrown-together paragraphs, and here’s the post!


2013 Jan TML 032 - Version 2

2013 Jan TML 034 - Version 2

2013 Jan TML 036 - Version 2

These sweet looking dogs (and they are all sweethearts!) are part of why living here can be a rather noisy experience.  Between the snowmobiles and 120 sled dogs (that live 50 yards from the employee dormitory!), peace and quiet is not always part of the equation.

2013 Jan TML 038 - Version 2

If you’ve never gone dogsledding, try it sometime.  It’s a hoot.  Here’s a 30 second clip to give you a sense of it.  Shivani even let me drive on the way home which was fun.

Thanks Shivani!!!!  I had a great time dogsledding and I'm glad to have met you.

Thanks Shivani!!!! I had a great time dogsledding and I’m glad to have met you.

Next post will likely be in mid-February, after I return from Honduras.  Tomorrow – Boise.  Thursday – Seattle.  Then Honduras.  Then Seattle for a few days before returning to Anchorage on February 13.

And soon some big news on the job front!!!!