How do you get here?

And now, for something completely different.

One of the fun features of a WordPress blog site is the ability to see what search terms brought people to the site.  I read them occasionally for a good laugh.  Here are some of my standout search terms of the past year.

“What is pexting”  and the variation “pexting.”  This one is beautiful because in a burst of randomness (and inspired by one of my favorite blogs that you need to check out here), I tagged one of my posts with the nonsense phrase “Is photographing while texting ‘pexting’?”  Which led to at least 13 people googling “what is pexting” – which then brought them right back to my blog.  How awesome is that?

“Jeff Binnig”  And it’s variation “Jeffrey Binnig.”  Nice to know that my Texas cousin might be more popular than me, with 13 searches bringing people here.  Don’t worry Robin – you were right up there too, with 5 searches.  And my friend Holly Gingles got 2 internet search shout-outs as well.  Do yourself a favor and check out her adventures in Antartica.

“Denali paintings”  Sorry to disappoint, there are no paintings here.  I do hopefully have some pretty photos  though.  Start with these maybe.  Or here.

“How thick are glaciers”  I’m probably not the best person to answer that, but thanks for the confidence.  You can at least find pictures and video of glaciers here, and here.

“Huaorani people with clothes”  As opposed to another popular term “naked ecuador men” and the variation “living topless with the huaorani tribe”  They aren’t naked, but you can read about my trip with the Huaorani people here.

“Ecuador kids naked” – definitely NOT funny.  I’m sad to say at least 2 people were looking for such pictures.  Here’s a link to the FBI.  Try there first.

“Most beautiful scenery in the world”  I hope they weren’t disappointed when they arrived here.  I do think I’ve been lucky enough to see some great stuff, like this trip through Jasper National Park.  And then there’s Yellowstone.  And Romania is pretty too.

” “Kevin Meyers” nurse” I’m not sure why my name was in quotes or why someone thinks I’m a nurse.  Am I missing my true calling?  Was it something I said?

“The universe is smiling to me”  Why yes, sometimes it is.  Especially one night last summer when I witnessed a beautiful aurora show.  Or when I was lucky enough to spend a week in Death Valley.

“serious and epic conversation about life the universe and everything!”  With exclamation points!  My conversation probably wasn’t very serious, but you may remember that currently am the answer to life, the universe, and everything.

“boudiar photos anchorage alaska” (sic)  Another disappointed customer, I’m sure.  No boudoir photos here.  But perhaps you’ll think the dogs are pretty sexy in this post?

“turbo beaver denali”  Is this a new species of beaver?  What makes it a turbo model?  For Alaskans and plane afficianados, YES, I do realize it’s a type of plane.  But you have to admit it sounds funny.

“pay the man his money”  Yes indeed.  Show me the money.  Where are my millions from my hard work on this blog?

“sexy jungle adventure”  I don’t know how sexy it was, but this was a jungle adventure.  As was this one.  Why isn’t anyone searching for “sexy jungle adventure with kevin meyers”?  Now there’s a search term I could get into.  Someone did search for “jungle adventure with a hot looking guy” however.  But since I haven’t received any propositions, apparently I failed the test.  Damn.

“Why are toklat grizzy bears a light colour in denali”  Why indeed?  Great question, and thank you for thinking that I have the answer.  I don’t.  But perhaps this Park Service page can help you out.

“cool rowdy pics of denali national park”  What exactly is a ‘rowdy’ pic?  And what makes it cool?  How about Denali employees playing?  Does that work?  Trust me – I live with them.  I know exactly how rowdy they can get.

“This guy rocks”  Why thank you.  I think you’re pretty cool too.  Hope you enjoyed my stories.  Try this one.  Me on rocks.

And a top choice for my favorite – “santa claus caught on tape 2011”  Most of these search terms I see at least some connection.  But this one?  Santa was caught on tape?  And just 2 years ago?  Why didn’t I hear about it?  Is the video on my blog somewhere?  It’s not Santa, but Bryce Canyon in winter is cold.  And beautiful

One of the cool things about living in Anchorage in the winter is the Fur Rendezvous festival dog sled races in late February and the Iditarod in early March.  I never got around to posting pictures from either of those events, so here are a few.  Enjoy.

This corner was definitely the spot for good action at the Fur Rondy dog sled races.

This corner was definitely the spot for good action at the Fur Rondy dog sled races.

Faster, faster!!!!

Faster, faster!!!!

Lens envy

Lens envy

Whodathunk?  A Jamaican in the Iditarod!  (actually, his third Iditarod)

Whodathunk? A Jamaican in the Iditarod! (actually, his third Iditarod)

2013 Mar Iditarod 282 - Version 2

2013 Mar Iditarod 268 - Version 2

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