Humpbacks, Greys, and Seals, Oh My!

When you are viewing whales, how can you be in a bad mood?  Is that even possible?

Mid-april means the grey whales are passing through the Gulf of Alaska on their way from winters in Baja to a summer in the Bering Sea and lots of humpbacks are visiting after a rough winter in Hawaii proving that not only human Alaskans make Hawaii their vacation spot.  I met up with two friends in Seward for another fun day of whale watching tour and a night away.

The drive from Anchorage through the Kenai Peninsula to Seward is, in a word, spectacular.  Incredible mountains rising straight out of Turnagain Arm… every time I move to Denali I regret not exploring south of Anchorage more often.

2013 Apr Denali 011

2013 Apr Denali 012

In some places the ocean was quite broken up, in other places, the ice was still heavy.

2013 Apr Denali 013

2013 Apr Denali 014

2013 Apr Denali 022

2013 Apr Denali 015

Seward’s small boat harbor.

2013 Apr Denali 016

The fjord of Resurrection Bay is just so damn beautiful…

The boat ride was COOOLD, but well worth it.  And that’s what layering is for, right?

2013 Apr Denali 018

2013 Apr Denali 017

Spot the mountain goats?

2013 Apr Denali 020

But now, the real reason you are here – WHALES!  We were lucky enough to have the best whale sightings I’ve experienced on any of my 3 Alaska whale tours.

I hope you enjoy this 2 minute montage of trip highlights.  I apologize for some shaky video.  Photographing whales is always difficult, and occasionally choppy seas added to the fun on this trip.

Leaving Seward the next day, I took a side trip to Portage Glacier, near Anchorage.  I think I need to try kite skiing sometime!

2013 Apr Denali 023

2013 Apr Denali 024

Have you ever seen whales (Sea World doesn’t count)?  If you haven’t, I encourage you to get out there!

I have now arrived for the season in Denali.  It’s snowy and cold – negative 4 F this morning at 7am.  With luck, I’ll be able to start sharing some nice wildlife footage soon.

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