The Breakup

No, not the really bad movie from a few years ago.

At the entrance to Denali National Park we live on the banks of the glacier-fed Nenana River.  My cabin is about 50 yards away.  This being Alaska, of course the river gains a thick coat of ice every winter.  Usually it “breaks up” in early May and it’s impressive to watch.  This year, with our extended cold and snow (coldest April on record!), the ice held on much longer.

But this afternoon, after a few false starts in the past 2 days, it happened.  I apologize for not having better video – I had to run to grab my camera, and lacked time to navigate to a better position.  But this 30 second video should give you an idea of how impressive breakup is.  Huge chunks of ice crashing down the river at a frightening speed.

Ten minutes after I arrived on scene, it was over.

Anyone up for a swim?