Ungulate Safari

After a slow spring where I barely saw any animals (but lots of snow and ice!), some of the wildlife finally decided I was worthy of sightings in the past week.  Photos taken on a few drives over the past week and my bus ride into the park yesterday.

Click on the pics to “embiggen” them as a fellow Alaskan blogger says.

It is pretty cool to live somewhere where it’s easy to casually think “oh hey, look, another moose.”

But it’s not all about the moose.  How about a few caribou?

Polychrome Pass rarely disappoints for great close-up views of Dall sheep.  My bus tour yesterday was no exception, with a group of about 8 hanging out both during my ride in and the ride out.

No bears yet for me this season, but that’s life.  I saw a lynx in early May so I’m pretty happy about that!

The ptarmigan are in an interesting phase currently, in transition from their winter white plumage to summer brown.  And yes, I realize ptarmigan are not ungulates, but who would want a post about just ptarmigan?

2013 June Denali 050 - Version 2