Igloo For Sale

Not my usual posting style.  I know – this is “Adventures in Kevin’s World.”  And this is hardly an adventure.  But I’ve been fascinated by this structure since I moved here in 2011.  It’s a little bit south of the village of Cantwell (population 222).  Every time I drove by I would wonder.  Why is it there?  When was it built?  What happened?

Then I would get to my destination and promptly forget about it.

Occasionally park employees talk about it.  Theories abound.  It was an operational hotel for years.  The original builder never checked if there was groundwater available.  It never opened.  It burned down.  Whatever.

Until last night at 10:30pm, driving home from Anchorage.  The late light, hinting at sunset, was soft and glowing.  I slammed on the brakes and pulled into the parking lot.  Time for a few photos.

2013 July Denali area 006 - Version 3

2013 July Denali area 015 - Version 2

So – what is the Igloo?  Why is it there?  Why is this quirky building still standing?

Tonight I finally decided to investigate online.  My ingenuity knows no bounds.  Five minutes of searching found a few links – a simple matter of getting past the first few pages of results invariably referring to Igloo Campground inside the park.

Here’s the story, mostly provided by the owner of the property.