In Search Of… Small Things

Alaska.  Full of outsized landscapes.  It is perhaps natural to to focus on grand scenics.  The big view.  Forego the small in favor of the monstrous.   “Everything is bigger in Alaska” – or so the saying goes.

But.  There is magic in small things.  The interior Alaskan tundra knows this.  Slowly, I am learning it too.  I’m learning.  I just turned 43, I am no longer The Answer To Life, The Universe and Everything.  But perhaps I can learn enough.

(small things perhaps, but they look better big.  Click for greater enjoyment)

Like this lesson – look down.  Better yet – get down.  Down on my knees.  Crawl through the soft tundra growth.  Smell the earth.  Smell the mushrooms.  Smell lichens, grasses, berries, and other plants.   Edward Abbey said it was necessary to get on your knees and bloody yourself to learn a landscape.  Perhaps not.  But point taken.

I should get a guidebook.  Some of these plants smell amazing.  I don’t know what they are.

Fall arrived last week.  Like all seasons but winter, it’s brief here.  It will be over soon.

Get down.  Move slow.  Photograph slow.  Look for details.