Reason #36 Seattle Is Awesome

current location, Quito Ecuador.  I arrived last night.  On Monday I start one month or more of immersion Spanish lessons.  Wish me luck.  The next few posts will be about my month long road trip through Alaska, Yukon, British Columbia, Washington, and Oregon.  But for now…

A little bathroom humor (and a bad joke).

While in Seattle on my road trip,  I had drinks at a cocktail lounge with a friend.  I was highly amused by the urinal.  The bartender’s first task every evening is to cut fresh slices of citrus to place in the urinal.  I of course had to take a picture.  I was grateful no one walked in while I had the camera out.

I hope my trust in his subsequent thorough hand-washing was well-founded.

And the drinks were awesome by the way.  Fantastic bars in Seattle comprise reason #37.