Yukon- the sequel

The Yukon.  I was blown away last year on my drive Outside.  The only negative was the crappy motels and that I had to rush through.  More time this trip.  I have no job, so time is not in short supply.

Spent the first night  in my car in an Alaska rest area.  Cold.  So cold.  Grateful for my -5 F sleeping bag.  Couldn’t get comfortable though.  Usually I sleep great in my car; not this time.  Long night.  No auroras either.  Too cloudy.  Up and on the road before dawn.   Easy to leave when all it requires is moving a few bags in the car and switching to the driver seat.

Alaska-Yukon border.  Old cabins practically shouting to be photographed.  I stop.  How could I not?

Onward.  Eastward.  Entering Canada, once again frustrations at the border.  Guard wants to look into my car.  I bite my tongue, wanting to ask if he has reasonable cause.  I have nothing more exciting than1bottle of wine I didn’t drink in Denali.  Sure.  Look in my car.  Have at it.

I think he was disappointed.

Drive through Beaver Creek, only stopping for gas.  I make an ugly face at Ida’s place motel, the horrible shithole I stayed in last year.  Onward.  drive.  Stop for photos.  Repeat.  Repeat more.

At one point I stop at the canyon creek bridge, same spot I shot last year.  It’s beautiful so why not?  At another I spend 3 hours photographing close ups of leaves, moss, lichen, and berries.

The fall colors are fantastic, and the fresh snow on the peaks is a bonus.  Only bummer is the clouds.  Minimal sunlight to brighten up the scenes.

I am content.  Happy.

Wait, I’m currently in Ecuador to take Spanish lessons.  Lets try that again.

yo estoy muy feliz y contento.

taking a side dirt road at one point, I am amused when it turns to pavement for a mile but has lots of plants growing through it.  Probably a outdated section of the highway; it gets rerouted regularly.

I camp several nights, weather is fantastic  if a bit chilly.  One day I go for a run, attempting to run dirt roads but they keep fading into nothing so I run more on the road.

A runner on the AK highway, 30 miles from the nearest anything definitely gets a lot of strange looks.  Passing through Whitehorse, I feel the need for a gym workout.  Someone directs me to their city rec center.  Only $7 for a huge complex with lots of equipment.  Happiness.

Watson Lake.  Last town before the BC border.  Out of water.  $7 for 1 gallon of water.  Seriously?  the same jug was $3 in a more remote town a few days back.  But Watson Lake has one of the coolest tourist sites ever – the signpost forest.  Thousands of signs and license plates from around the world.  Sadly, I failed to upload any of those pics to WordPress before I packed my computer.  Sigh.  Google it.  Better yet, startpage.com it and keep google from knowing your business.

Pictures below.  As always click a thumbnail to start a slideshow.

i just bought an iPad for this trip; I am unfortunately discovering that wordpress doesn’t work well with safari in iOS.  So the posts may be a bit different for a while.  Meaning, please  excuse any typos and other weirdness.


And Pam – just for you.  No yuckiness!!