North By Northwest

Morning.  Leave British Columbia, enter the U.S. via Washington.  Border guard asks me 20 questions.  Am I that suspicious looking?  First Canada, now the U.S.  Funny since most of my friends will tell me I’m pretty boring.

Wandering slowly through western Washington.  I take the slow route, not the interstate.  Better pace, and better scenery.  Plenty of time before I can meet my friend Randa when she gets off work.  Looking forward to a few nights of visiting with friends before moving onward.

City adventures.  Meaning – friends, food and alcohol.  Ahhhh…. I miss my friends.  I  still think this is a city I may need to live in.

Day 2 in Seattle.  Reconsidering my desire to live here.  The traffic is horrible.  And all i wanted to do was look at tablets.  Considering purchasing one for Ecuador.  It takes an hour to go 5 miles.  I could get there quicker by bike.  Forget that – I could RUN quicker!

Anyways.  Visits complete.  Supplies puchased.  On to the airport to pick up a long-time friend.  Sandy is the best outdoor adventure partner, flying in to road trip to Colorado with me.  Intentions of exploring Washington and Oregon coasts.

First night, random campground on the Olympic peninsula.  Arrive after dark.  We are the only ones in the campground.  Perfect.  In the morning, continue up the side road and discover we were right by a beautiful lake.  A successful start to the trip.  A start made better by an nice hike up a peak, with views of Mt. Rainier.

In all my trips to Washington, this is my first viewing of Mt. rainier.


Onward.  A horrible night at a campground near Port Townsend,  Sandy sleeps peacefully while I am serenaded all night by drunken neighbors.  So it goes on a weekend in a state park campground.

A day exploring Port Townsend.  I fell in love with this town when I first visited in 2002.  Happy accidents.  We happen to enter town just as the ‘kinetic race’ is starting.  An amusing event.  This event would be popular in Carbondale, Colorado.

Olympic National Park is closed, thanks to our Congress and President acting like children.

We explore the peninsula slowly over 5 days before heading into Oregon.  Sea kayaking for an afternoon near Port Angeles.  Tidepool explorations at Salt creek.  Neah Bay.

Lake Quinault.  A highlight for me.  Incredible rainforest.  An unmonitored campground.  I have no interest in feeding our government at this point so I’m happy to not pay.  Beautiful sunset walk.   The next day, a 5 mile rainforest walk.  Happiness.

Strange sights.  Disturbing sights.  Our National Parking lot Service has put up barricades at every possible entrance to park land.  The weird part?  They even barricaded 10 foot wide highway pullouts.  Trailheads?  Sure.  Campgrounds?  I understand.  But a pullout on a state highway?  A ridiculous misuse of public funds.

(end of rant)

Camp food.  Sandy turns out to be an excellent camp cook.  We take full advantage of my 2 burner stove and the cooler.  Fresh sauteed salmon with quinoa and various vegetables.  And  bottle of wine,  life is good around camp.  We make similar meals multiple nights.

Onward.  And south.  Overnight in Seaside, Oregon.  The next morning we explore tidepools at Cannon Beach.  We should have stayed here instead.  My fault.

South.  Such beautiful coastline.   Would be nice to have weeks to explore.

But all things end.  After 7 days we turn east to begin 2 long and hard days of driving.  I dislike long days on the road.

As always, click on a photo to do a slideshow.  My apologies for em not being divided or organized.  Wordpress and ipad do not play nice in the sandbox.