Dancing In The Streets

Big festival in Cuenca the first weekend of November.  I avoided this weekend in Cuenca during my 2011 trip, but this time I am living here while in school to study spanish.  It’s a celebration of 3 things rolled into one – Day of the dead, All soul’s night, and Cuenca’s day of independence.  Really though, it’s just an excuse to party.  The city is packed, with probably all the hotels filled.

Live music in the streets – everything from salsa to traditional andean music to cheesy latin pop.  Life is good.  Artist’s and vendor booths are everyywhere.  Looking for ponchos, velvet paintings, beautiful wool weavings, alpaca blankets, or cheap plastic junk?  It’s all available in Cuenca.  Multiple times I stumble upon traditional dancing in the streets.  I am in heaven.

The photographer in me is disappointed in my inability to take advantage of the scenes – the camera I brought isn’t quick enough, and at one exhibition I’m stuck with a street sign in a bad place.  But mostly I just watch and enjoy.  I shot lots of video but it’s too much work to edit it on this ipad, so photos it is.