Why Baños May Be The Best Town In The World

A different post.  Why not?

Why might Baños, Ecuador be the coolest town on the planet?  Lots of reasons, in no particular order.

The daytime temperature is typically 72-75 degrees, year-round, with moderate humidity.  The weather is invariably amazing.

The people are really friendly.  Although that is of course partly because they want your money.

It’s really safe.

It’s blissfully quiet at night (except for Friday and Saturday nights) though you can still go out and party if you wish.

Easy access (well, for Ecuador) to both the Amazon basin and the Andean highlands.

Its at the base of an active volcano (Tungurahua) that spits lava.

For a few dollars you can take an open air tour bus at night to watch the volcano do its thing.

The volcano is the source of multiple mineral hot springs in town that cost $2 – $3 to visit.

Incredible access to adventure sports.  Paragliding, river rafting, kayaking, jungle hiking, bridge jumping, canyoning, mountain biking, ATVing, and more.

A100+ ft. tall waterfall dropping off a cliff face just at the edge of the town center.

As I write this I am looking and and listening to the waterfall.

About 60 other waterfalls are near town.

Massages studios and spas all throughout the town.

It’s very easy to wear yourself out physically or do absolutely nothing.

Family vacation?  Great spot.  Romantic getaway?  Yup.  Solo traveler?  No problem.

130 hotels to choose from.  $8 or $200, and everything in between.

Unlike most of Ecuador, drivers don’t feel the need to use their car horns constantly.

The taxi drivers are not out to kill pedestrians and passengers.

Fantastic variety in restaurants.  And those restaurants are happy to use all the amazing Ecuadorian vegetables the rest of the country seems allergic to.

Lots of competition means those hotels, activities, and massages are cheap for a tourist town.

Want to speak only spanish with the locals?  No problem of course.  Only speak English or German?  They can usually accomodate that too.

Did I mention cheap massages?