New Adventures

Life changes.  A seeming constant in my life the last few years.  Good and bad.

After my job in Alaska was eliminated in September, I was able to enjoy an extended period of freedom.  A month driving from Denali back to my former Colorado town.  Then two months in Ecuador to learn Spanish.  Life could have been worse.  But then reality sank in.  I returned to the US jobless, and running out of funds.  Couch surfing with generous friends.  And starting to feel bored and restless.

Which leads me to here.

mtrainier2 paradise-mount-rainier

(NOT my pictures by the way.  Those will come later)

Mt. Rainier National Park, Washington state.  I arrived just a few days ago, and started work right away.  I’m looking forward to filling my winter free time with photography and ski touring, summer with hiking and road cycling.  I haven’t been on my road bike since October 2010, and I am eager to ride again.  Also glad to be in real housing again.  Two seasons of dormitory housing and one season in a *tiny* cabin in Alaska were enough!  So I am psyched to have an actual apartment!

So.  Here’s to new adventures.  I look forward to you joining me.