A Post About Why I Haven’t Been Posting

Although most people have probably not noticed the lack of new posts, I have received a few notes asking when I’m going to post next.  It has after all, been 8 months.  I have yet to post anything about adventures at my new home of Mount Rainier National Park.

So without further ado, here you go.  Pictures and stories about why I have been a posting slacker.


1 – Just because

The cameras have barely left the camera bag.  Simply put, I haven’t felt like taking pictures.  I’m allowed to do that, right?



2 – Which is often a direct result of…

Pure laziness.  Call it delight in living in an actual living space designed for real human beings for the first time since March 2011.  Sometimes I’m thrilled to have a home to just BE in.  You’ll notice at least that I’m surrounded by my photos and lots of photo books for inspiration.  Not that the inspiration is successful lately.


3 – Cooking

Why hike when I can cook instead?  My home is often filled with the beautiful (well, OK, not always beautiful) smells of my cooking.  Below is the my hands-down favorite meal, one that I make nearly weekly.  Before the pasta of course.


4 – Delight at local ingredients

I get rabbit from a neighbor/employee, and most of my produce from the farmer’s markets, which are FANTASTIC in Washington.  I used to have a local source for duck eggs, but sadly no longer.  And of course, being that this is Washington, I am currently busy picking berries in the yard.



5 – And speaking of farmer’s markets

Oh yes, they are very good here.  My former valley in Colorado had nothing on this.  I thought Colorado peaches were good, but Washington peaches are… heavenly

2014 Aug MTR  140 - Version 2 2014 Aug MTR  139

6 – Which leads to this

I’ve been freezing and drying up a storm.  As I write this, I have a load of tomatoes on the dehydrator.  Tomorrow I’ll start drying the case of pears I bought this weekend.  (ever had dried pears?  They are like candy).  And then there’s my freezer, which is packed full of berries and fruits.  Smoothies all winter!

DSC00397 Mt. Rainier, Mount Rainier, people, work

7 – Did I mention chocolate?

My chocolate addiction continues to get better… or worse.  Depends on your perspective I suppose.  With relatively easy access to two amazing chocolate stores, it’s a dangerous situation.

2014 Aug MTR 007 2014 Aug MTR 008

8 – Biking.  Biking.  Biking.

Road biking has been a large part of my life for 25 years.  Part of what made Alaska challenging was not being able to road bike (with literally one road – a highway – to ride, I never took my bike there).  Perhaps I am making up for lost time, but cycling is what I do most weekends and evenings after work.



6.29.2014_Tour de Pierce

bike 2

(not me, but I had no way to get an even moderately cool-looking picture of me on the bike)


9 – Cities

I live roughly halfway between two of the best cities in the United States.  Yes, I used to hate Portland.  But after a few trips there, I am learning to appreciate it more.  Unfortunately I haven’t taken enough advantage of the great music scene up here.

And who can complain about good food and drinks with friends?


(BTW this band – Sphynx – is pretty fantastic.  Check them out)



10 – But…

I haven’t completely ignored the park.  Just mostly.  I have done a couple of hikes and explored the park a bit.  Amazing what having visitors will do to get you to try something “new.”

2014 Aug MTR  151 - Version 2

2014 Aug MTR 038 - Version 2

2014 Aug MTR 053

2014 Aug MTR 075 - Version 2

2014 Aug MTR 081

2014 Aug MTR 096

Mt. Rainier, Mount Rainier, people, work


What do you think?  Are my excuses valid?  Or am I just a candy-assed lazy slacker who is disappointing his adoring public?  Have you even noticed I’ve been gone?   How should I spend the next 6 weeks or so of lovely Washington weather, before it turns to a grey, soggy mess?