Denali Highway – my little slice of heaven

Focus on the positives, right?  That’s the motto for this post. My first positive is – my weather might be better than yours!  It’s been gorgeous here for weeks.  It rained lightly one… Continue reading

A tale of mud, food, and water

No water, no food.  Lots of mud!  What did I get myself into? But first – a pretty picture.  Because who doesn’t like a pretty picture? I arrived in the park on Wednesday.  Paying… Continue reading

In Alaska!!!!

When you last heard from me, I was in Seattle.  I arrived here one month ago, so I apologize for the slowness in getting a new post out.  Truthfully, I haven’t felt as… Continue reading

Seattle… we hardly knew ya

Bye bye Portland.  Not going to miss you unfortunately.  No problem about leaving early – it gives me more time in a place I know that I love – Washington! I take the… Continue reading

Rain, tears, ocean – a water theme for a new chapter

Opening lines are important.  They are supposed to set the stage for what’s to come.  I wanted something profound.  Or witty.  Or charming.   I bombed that one I guess.  Anyways… those of… Continue reading