Food Adventures Melaka Style

The bliss of my quiet, uneventful bus ride is quickly shattered by my taxi driver.  At the Melaka bus station I make my way to the taxi stand where I am directed to the… Continue reading

Sensory Overload in KL

First impressions.  Car fumes.  Motor scooters everywhere.  Countless offers for “sexy massage.”  Walking down Jalan Alor – the night food market street – smells of all types.  Sweet.  Savory.  Sour.  Heavenly.  Sewer.  A… Continue reading

The Archives: Mount Sopris The Hard Way

June 2002.  3.30am. Am I really getting up this early? In a stupor, I eat a bowl of cereal and make a sandwich for later. PB&J. Of course. Double-check my pack. Double-check my… Continue reading

Better Living Through Coastal Explorations

One year living in Washington.  Exactly two nights in a tent that entire time (not counting my kayak trip in Mexico). A shameful number.  Especially considering my past.  I used to spend 40+… Continue reading

Mexico: La Paz and Loreto

I’m far more at ease this time, and spend much of the next hour diving down as deep as I can, spinning with the sea lions.