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A Farewell To Alaska

I left Alaska 6 months ago.  Hard to believe.  It doesn’t feel that long.  I was so ready to leave.  And I certainly have no interest in living there again.  Visit, yes, but… Continue reading

Alaska’s Greatest Hits

And just like that, no more Alaska.  On Tuesday morning I begin my drive “outside” and head to Grand Teton National Park.  I’ll be filling in temporarily for an open position at our… Continue reading

The Running Of The Dogs

10,000 people, a snowstorm, 700 dogs, 66 sleds… the 40th edition of the “Last Great Race” has arrived!  When I moved to Alaska in 2011, I missed the start of the Iditarod by… Continue reading

Fur Rendezvous Festival

I know I’m in the middle of posting about my Ecuador trip, but since there’s actually something happening in Anchorage right now – the “Fur Rondy” – I figured this was an appropriate… Continue reading

A tale of mud, food, and water

No water, no food.  Lots of mud!  What did I get myself into? But first – a pretty picture.  Because who doesn’t like a pretty picture? I arrived in the park on Wednesday.  Paying… Continue reading