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A Farewell To Alaska

I left Alaska 6 months ago.  Hard to believe.  It doesn’t feel that long.  I was so ready to leave.  And I certainly have no interest in living there again.  Visit, yes, but… Continue reading

A (Long) Walk In Denali

On the bus.  Always on the bus.  The only way to get into this park.  Sometimes it can be very frustrating.  But it’s so beautiful at this time of year it’s hard to… Continue reading

A Day In The Life

Up at 5:30am.  Full daylight.  Sun has been up for hours.  Never really got dark anyway.  On the bus to Wonder Lake at 6:45am.  Too early for the driver’s safety talk over the… Continue reading

Alaska’s Greatest Hits

And just like that, no more Alaska.  On Tuesday morning I begin my drive “outside” and head to Grand Teton National Park.  I’ll be filling in temporarily for an open position at our… Continue reading

Wildflowers, Glaciers, Jaw Dropping Scenery, Grizzlies, Wolves…. You Get The Idea

July has been pretty marvelous for me…. and only continues to get better.  I do my work, in the evenings I hike, run, workout, or relax, and my days off have been happy… Continue reading

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