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Searching For Stillness By The Light Of Environmental Rage

Dinosaur National Monument, Colorado and Utah, October 1998 I’m utterly alone.  The nearest person is probably miles away.  On a high point, looking around at rocks, river, sagebrush, and cottonwoods, I realize how… Continue reading

The Archives: Mount Sopris The Hard Way

June 2002.  3.30am. Am I really getting up this early? In a stupor, I eat a bowl of cereal and make a sandwich for later. PB&J. Of course. Double-check my pack. Double-check my… Continue reading

Rain, tears, ocean – a water theme for a new chapter

Opening lines are important.  They are supposed to set the stage for what’s to come.  I wanted something profound.  Or witty.  Or charming.   I bombed that one I guess.  Anyways… those of… Continue reading

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