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Better With Friends

After our drive from Fairbanks down the Richardson and across the Denali Highway, Camilla is excited to see the park itself. Tickets purchased at 7am.  First buses sold out.  Our bus isn’t until… Continue reading

Thirty Hours

Uncharacteristic heat leads to a lazy morning.  Although I’m out of bed in the morning, I probably am an honorary member of the crack of noon club today.  At 1pm I finally rouse… Continue reading

Ungulate Safari

After a slow spring where I barely saw any animals (but lots of snow and ice!), some of the wildlife finally decided I was worthy of sightings in the past week.  Photos taken… Continue reading

One sheep, two sheep, white sheep, Dall sheep

Hiking in the park is almost always rewarding.  Unfortunately, I don’t do enough of it.  The park bus system is wonderful for protecting the wildlife and the landscape, but let’s face it, it… Continue reading