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A Farewell To Alaska

I left Alaska 6 months ago.  Hard to believe.  It doesn’t feel that long.  I was so ready to leave.  And I certainly have no interest in living there again.  Visit, yes, but… Continue reading

In Search Of… Small Things

Alaska.  Full of outsized landscapes.  It is perhaps natural to to focus on grand scenics.  The big view.  Forego the small in favor of the monstrous.   “Everything is bigger in Alaska” –… Continue reading

Stormy Weather

Storms.  It’s been wet and wild the past 10 days.  Rained most of the last six days.  Hard rain.  Parking lot in our manager housing is lightly flooded.  The Nenana River has risen… Continue reading

Thirty Hours

Uncharacteristic heat leads to a lazy morning.  Although I’m out of bed in the morning, I probably am an honorary member of the crack of noon club today.  At 1pm I finally rouse… Continue reading

Adventures with ice

The Nenana River (mostly) broke up on Sunday afternoon, making for some exciting viewing of water and ice. On Sunday night I went in search of photographic opportunities, and got lucky with warm… Continue reading

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