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Searching For Stillness By The Light Of Environmental Rage

Dinosaur National Monument, Colorado and Utah, October 1998 I’m utterly alone.  The nearest person is probably miles away.  On a high point, looking around at rocks, river, sagebrush, and cottonwoods, I realize how… Continue reading

The Archives – Capitol Reef National Park (pt. 1)

December 1998.  I have just accepted a job at Colorado Mountain College in Glenwood Springs, which requires moving from Gunnison.  I drop my stuff in my new apartment at the college and hit… Continue reading

I walked through the Valley of Death

Death Valley National Park.  At 3 million acres, the largest national park outside of Alaska.  Big.  Empty.  Dry.  With topography ranging from Badwater at 282 feet below sea level to Telescope Peak at… Continue reading

Rain, tears, ocean – a water theme for a new chapter

Opening lines are important.  They are supposed to set the stage for what’s to come.  I wanted something profound.  Or witty.  Or charming.   I bombed that one I guess.  Anyways… those of… Continue reading

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