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A Farewell To Alaska

I left Alaska 6 months ago.  Hard to believe.  It doesn’t feel that long.  I was so ready to leave.  And I certainly have no interest in living there again.  Visit, yes, but… Continue reading

How do you get here?

And now, for something completely different. One of the fun features of a WordPress blog site is the ability to see what search terms brought people to the site.  I read them occasionally… Continue reading

Alaska’s Greatest Hits

And just like that, no more Alaska.  On Tuesday morning I begin my drive “outside” and head to Grand Teton National Park.  I’ll be filling in temporarily for an open position at our… Continue reading

Fur Rendezvous Festival

I know I’m in the middle of posting about my Ecuador trip, but since there’s actually something happening in Anchorage right now – the “Fur Rondy” – I figured this was an appropriate… Continue reading

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