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Rock Stars and Duck Brains In Northern Taiwan

I feel a little like a rock star.  I have just offered jobs to 16 Taiwanese college students, and now they all want their photo with me.  Group photo plus lots of individual… Continue reading

In Search Of Stillness

This is not Taipei – the air is too clean.  Jack, Pia, Angela, and Stacy have offered to visit Jiufen with me.  Jiufen and Jinguashi are small mining towns on the coast of northeast… Continue reading

The Archives: Mount Sopris The Hard Way

June 2002.  3.30am. Am I really getting up this early? In a stupor, I eat a bowl of cereal and make a sandwich for later. PB&J. Of course. Double-check my pack. Double-check my… Continue reading

Death and adventure on the Toklat River

After ignoring the park for much of July, I decided to switch up my recreation time in August, and got out for a few good hikes.  Besides, recently one of my employees came… Continue reading

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