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The ‘Selfie’ And The Death Of Travel, Or, Kevin Gets Snarky

Sadly, one of my strongest memories of Malaysia will be the selfie.  Not any selfie I shot – this nation has taken it to a whole new level.  Or low, such as it… Continue reading

Food Adventures Melaka Style

The bliss of my quiet, uneventful bus ride is quickly shattered by my taxi driver.  At the Melaka bus station I make my way to the taxi stand where I am directed to the… Continue reading

Sensory Overload in KL

First impressions.  Car fumes.  Motor scooters everywhere.  Countless offers for “sexy massage.”  Walking down Jalan Alor – the night food market street – smells of all types.  Sweet.  Savory.  Sour.  Heavenly.  Sewer.  A… Continue reading

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