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Better Living Through Coastal Explorations

One year living in Washington.  Exactly two nights in a tent that entire time (not counting my kayak trip in Mexico). A shameful number.  Especially considering my past.  I used to spend 40+… Continue reading

A Post About Why I Haven’t Been Posting

Although most people have probably not noticed the lack of new posts, I have received a few notes asking when I’m going to post next.  It has after all, been 8 months.  I… Continue reading

New Adventures

Life changes.  A seeming constant in my life the last few years.  Good and bad. After my job in Alaska was eliminated in September, I was able to enjoy an extended period of… Continue reading

North By Northwest

Morning.  Leave British Columbia, enter the U.S. via Washington.  Border guard asks me 20 questions.  Am I that suspicious looking?  First Canada, now the U.S.  Funny since most of my friends will tell… Continue reading

Reason #36 Seattle Is Awesome

current location, Quito Ecuador.  I arrived last night.  On Monday I start one month or more of immersion Spanish lessons.  Wish me luck.  The next few posts will be about my month long… Continue reading

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